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Wheel Alignment

Spring Specialty Ltd’s Wheel Alignment for the Maritimes

You may know where you’re heading, but does your heavy diesel truck? If your truck or trailer is pulling to one side, or you notice unusual wear on the inside or outside of the tires, it’s time to have your truck’s alignment and balance checked.

To assess your heavy truck’s alignment and balance, Spring Specialty uses the state-of-the-art computerized alignment system by Hunter. After the assessment, our experienced technicians will re-align and balance your truck’s tires.

Not only will properly aligned tires keep you safe on the road, they can also reduce costs on fuel and the frequency of tire replacements.

Is It a Wheel Misalignment or Suspension Problem?

A suspected wheel misalignment could actually turn out to be a suspension issue. Learn more about our suspension services and how Spring Specialty’s experienced technicians help you get the correct repair work for your heavy truck.

Call for Wheel Alignment Services

To schedule an appointment for wheel alignment service, please call or e-mail one of our friendly associates today!

Working on alignment
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