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Springs and Suspensions

Spring Specialty Ltd’s Spring & Suspensions for the Maritimes

If the road has been a bit too bumpy lately, it may be a good idea to have your heavy truck’s springs and suspensions inspected. Spring Specialty Ltd’s experienced technicians can diagnose, repair and replace air and spring suspension systems on most heavy trucks. In some cases, it may not even be the suspension at all, but an improper alignment and steering issue that is causing an imbalance. Learn more about our wheel alignment services!

Today’s modern spring and suspension systems are sophisticatedly engineered to meet the performance needs of Canada’s diverse highways and back roads. By discussing your typical routes, we can recommend a suspension system and the correct number of spring leafs.

Repairs and Replacements

At Spring Specialty, we can repair and replace numerous suspension parts, including springs, bean bushes, kingpins, shocks and air bag suspension devices. For speed and convenience, we are able to replace kingpins while the axle is still on the truck.

Most air bag or air strut issues are caused by old age and wet rot due to moisture damage. Proper installation on these types of air-supported suspensions system is crucial to their operational longevity. If installed improperly, an air bag system can rub against the truck’s frame, causing premature wear and damage.

For all your spring and suspension needs, Spring Specialty offers experienced service at competitive rates. Give us a call today to schedule your suspension service!

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