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About Us

About the Staff at Spring Specialty Ltd in Berry Mills, New Brunswick

Looking Back Over 35 Years…

Ever since we started in 1976, Spring Specialty has made customer service our number one priority. After all, the most identifiable portion of a successful business formula is a satisfied customer base.

Through the years of developing the business, we always kept that end result in site. We didn’t always get it right, but as one man said, “an error is only a mistake if you refuse to correct it.” Even though we take great pride in what we do, we never put our pride before the quality of our work.

If there’s anything that could be said about Spring Specialty, it’s that we never put the business’s needs ahead of the customer’s; that is the reason for our success over the last 35 years. We look forward to the next 35 years in order to better serve your heavy truck’s exhaust, suspension, and alignment needs.

Contact Information

Spring Specialty Ltd.

2125 Route 128

Berry Mills, New Brunswick, E1G 4K5

Toll Free




Service Area

Berry Mills, New Brunswick & Across the Maritimes

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